Travel Links

Tips for travelling in Europe: Straight from the blog of the awesome Paulo Coelho.  Check it out. In Spanish, Portuguese, English and French! Check it out for some really great tips. 🙂

Rick Steve’s Europe Through The Back Door: “Planning tips to help maximize your time and money spent in Europe.” Great resource, just remember to not get too excited. There is more to see than Rick Steve’s Europe, but it’s a great starting point!

Just Italy: “Your Guide to Italy” – brief overview and some helpful tips. A good place to start researching for your travel.

Hostel World: A great place to find awesome deals on high end hostels and highly reviewed hotels. Remember to make your booking a good deal in advance to get the best deals!

EasyJet & RyanAir: European airlines that offer flights at great deals. Just remember (Ryanair tax free is great, but beware of the weight limits and hidden fees, see: RyanAir category). I suggest EasyJet because of their customer service and airport locations, but I have found bargain 7 Euro flights roundtrip. Great if you plan ahead and are on a budget! “Every Hostel, Everywhere!” Another good site to use when researching for affordable accommodations.


2 responses to “Travel Links

  1. As a traveler and ex-small hotel-owner i was looking for quality pages with quality content. I have added you to my rss news feeder and wish to refer to your post in my potential blog. I also have a list of subscribers whom i share nice posts from blogosphere.

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