Italian Jazz

Lately, I’ve been listening to Jazz on my way home after work to unwind and de-stress. It’s proved be very effective and I think Capitol Public Radio has become the equivalent of Dumbledore’s pensive.

Every July, Umbria highlights jazz for all those who love unpredictable syncopated musical genius during the Umbira Jazz Festival.

And it’s not uncommon to stroll through the streets of Florence in the evening and find an impromptu concert in one of the piazzas. I know I enjoyed that on more than one occasion.

My Bucket List includes  a few Music Festivals hosted in Italy, including:

San Remo Music Festival, which every year takes place during my birthday week. One day, I will go to this festival and I will be so incredibly happy… it will be excruciatingly painful. I can’t wait for that moment.

Festival de Due Mondi, as a closeted opera and classical music geek, this festival in Spoleto, Italy makes me squee like a girl.

Italia Wave Festival, which takes place in Livorno and always seems to have an excellent line of up of rock, punk, and alternative music.


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